VSCode Notes

Multi-Window Development Mode

  • Use cmd + \ to split the window vertically, and then use cmd + shift + [ to switch to the previous tab.
  • Use cmd + shift + E to show the left-side explorer after performing a search. You can resize the left panel and hide it using cmd + b.
  • Use cmd + j to show or hide the bottom panel.
  • Holding down cmd and clicking with the mouse in the terminal allows for quick navigation and can be used as a search enhancement tool.
  • Use ctrl + cmd + left/right to move the editor to the previous/next group.


How to open a new tab when navigating to a definition

Go to Preferences >> Settings >> Workbench >> Editor >> Enable Preview >> Uncheck/false.

Then use cmd+alt+left-click to open the definition in a new tab.

How to toggle between uppercase and lowercase

Use cmd + shift + P > Transform to Uppercase (Note: cmd+shift+U brings up the output window).

How to open the terminal

Use shift + Esc.

How to fold code

Use cmd + shift + P > fold all.

How to add the next occurrence to the selection during multi-cursor operations

Use cmd + d (in Idea mode, it's ctrl + g).

How to convert multi-line selection to multiple cursors

Use alt + shift + I.

How to mark the current position and navigate to the next location

First, enter a symbol (alt+j), then copy elsewhere and use cmd+shift+delete to return to the previous editing position.

Location of the settings.xml file

~/Library/Application Support/Code/User

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